Here we go

So I find myself in my living room at 3:12am, staring at my Christmas tree and making a blog. My night began with my burning desire to find a summer internship on the East Coast. So how did I get from point A to point B? Let’s recap.

  1. Revised my resumé – I’ve really done a lot more in the last few years than I thought.
  2. Ate a snack and an Advil – you try condensing a resumé into a page for 6 hours without getting a headache.
  3. Decided to start a blog – because while editing and re-editing my resumé I came to the realization that I just have too many oddball interests and obsessions that I need to write it somewhere without having to concise it into ONE FREAKING PAGE.

Which brings me here, after much confusion over which blog site to use. Seriously, choosing between a Rolls Royce or a Bentley would be easier than the decision between Blogger or WordPress I just had to make. So now, at 3:41am, I conclude my first post, and hope that this whole blog craze actually works out this time. And I’m leaving a picture of my Christmas tree, because I like it.



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