I’m Posting Everyday in 2011…and 2012

I decided to start a blog, and 3 days, 0 comments, and 0 tags later…I still love my blog. I love that it is, or it is supposed to be, about science in the real world; little things that I pick up on in my everyday life, like the chemistry of cooking that perfect Thanksgiving turkey (brine + deep frying = perfection…and possibly a heart attack, too).

I know this will be a challenge to research and write everyday, but it will be inspiring, and I’m sure I will learn things about myself and my life that will surprise me. Feel free to leave feedback!

I’m most definitely using The DailyPost along the way to remind me of the promise I am making to myself. I’d love to meet anyone and everyone. I’m friendly, fun, and I’m ready for this challenge.




6 responses to “I’m Posting Everyday in 2011…and 2012

  1. keep it up. The more people find you, the quicker it will build.

    • Thank you for the encouragement. I’m quite glad I found your blog (or that you found me, rather)…your book sounds unique and I look forward to the much-needed reading material over my winter break. Thanks!

  2. You write extremely well. You will pick up fans quickly. I’m following you now! Thanks for blogging, and best to you, my new blog friend!

  3. I’ve tried and given up on blogging so many times before, so now I really have the motivation to keep it up 🙂 Thank you for following me and taking the time to read my rants, I appreciate it!

  4. Hi Lesly,

    Thank you for stumbling upon TheAbsoluteMost.com. It is my first blog, as well. You will do great! I have followed you back. Thumbs up on your blogging adventures. See you around the blogosphere.

    -mannie with Theabsolutemost.com

  5. Thanks for the support Mannie! Means a lot!

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