Let Me Explain

My name is Lesly and I am recent graduate of UC Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry-Molecular Biology and a Minor in Professional Writing and Multimedia Communication.

Interdisciplinary Charm is a chronicle of the things in everyday life that inspire me, and how they relate to science, which I’m pretty passionate about. I particularly like the word interdisciplinary because there really aren’t many phenomena that can be described using only one discipline. For example, how was human character brought about? Hard science tells us nature through inherited traits defined by genomes, but social science tells us nurture through care-taking and social norms varying spatially in time.

I aim to find anything and everything that sparks my imagination and research the science behind that object, person, place, event, sound…

One day at a time, I’m going to explore.

To see more of my current work, visit my website at leslychan.com!


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